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3. Help bring the ‘book’ to its right physical form! Although the whole of the collection is shared for free on this website, and having his poems / experiences read and shared were his ultimate goals, Alexandros would really much love to see Interim Report in a ‘proper’ printed form. Therefore, you can help make this happen by ‘pre-ordering’ a signed, printed copy of the book! If there is enough demand, the book will be printed, and you will only have to pay for the copy if this happens. This form is not legally binding in any way, but we would greatly appreciate if you only sign up if you really intend to buy a copy (or more) of the book, as we will use the above interest in order to determine how many books will be printed / if there is sufficient demand for the printed version. A signed, printed copy will cost you around €15 with this price including delivery to any place in the world! 

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